Education Incanada ?
Business/ Commerce:

In a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Canada was chosen as the best country in the world to do business in for the next five years (2010-2015).

Future of young Businessmen and Commercial Professionals in Canada: Business schools in Canada develop future leaders by focusing on analytical, organizational and management skills. Business is a broad discipline, and students can choose from many specializations, including Supply chain management, Economics, Property & Real estate, Electronic Commerce Management, Entrepreneurship, e-Business and more.
Canada is receiving more preference from potential students because of its vocationally oriented programs in career colleges. These professional programs are helping graduates to enhance their skills and knowledge in terms of their specialized area of interest. Graduates with commerce degree at different levels may gain employment in public or private organization based on skills and specialization. With growing e-commerce in Canada, there is a dearth of programs and business analysts, search engine marketing/ optimization etc.

Business/ Commerce:

Canada provides its students with a plenty of reasons to pursue an Engineering course – be it studying in small classes, led by top-notch professors, or the numerous opportunities to gain hands-on experience – specifically putting their skills to work in a range of group projects, using cutting-edge labs and facilities. Apart from the basic fields of Building, Civil, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, other specific courses such as Chemical, Electrical, Computer, Petroleum, Oil and Gas, Nanotechnology Engineering etc are also promoted at Canadian institutes. In addition to providing valuable on-the-job experience through various co-operative education opportunities, these programs aim to ensure graduates are industry ready upon completion of their degrees..
The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board was established by Engineers Canada in 1965 to accredit undergraduate engineering programs that provide the academic requirements necessary for licensure as a professional engineer in Canada. The Accreditation Board also plays a key role in Engineers Canada's international activities by assessing the equivalency of the accreditation systems used in other nations relative to the Canadian system, and by monitoring the accreditation systems employed by the engineering bodies which have entered into mutual recognition agreements with Engineers Canada.

Future of young Engineers in canada ?
Canadian engineering degrees are highly regarded around the world, and can help international students gain an extremely competitive edge when applying for jobs wherever they go.  Canada welcomes emerging engineers to start out their careers in their beautiful nation. Several posts of Associate Project Manager, Project Manager, Engineering Consultant, Intermediate Bridge Engineer, Industrial Electrician etc are available having graduated with an Engineering degree.