F-1 Visa Interviews Experiences

Remember, there are two points of views to your F1 Visa interview.

  • Visa Officer point of view (the expert)
  • Your point of view 
  • So, before arguing that your point of view is correct, think in terms of how the visa officer would think.
    Recreate your visa interview experience and understand what could have been VO officers point of view for this answer I gave.
    So, think several times before blaming the visa officer for rejections. My guess – it will be your mistake that caused visa rejections (majority of the times).

F1 Visa Coaching ?

Welcome to F1 Visa Coaching that's designed to create Tailor Made Strategy based on your unique profile background and credentials.

Fast Tack: F1 Visa Coaching Process and Timeline

How is Coaching Done?

For coaching we use a video conferencing tool, where we can have a meet via Video and Audio call to talk (& coach). Video feedback you see below were recorded during the video conferencing session.

Personal Strategy Session

This Strategy Session is what differentiates my coaching from an “agent”. I just don’t give you a template answer for you to memorize. By the way, those agents probably haven’t stepped their foot into U.S. Consulate or attended F-1 Visa Interview or Studied in the U.S.A. Here I get to know you at a level deeper than what you know about you. #FACT. Then we make it happen.
This Coaching is Not Right For
My style of coaching is not right for everyone. If you are looking for ready-made answers or expecting me to write answers for you, then I’m not the right fit. Everyone I coached till date (even with low GRE to 10+ backlogs) folks was able to F-1 Visa. They had a strong heart and desire to change their Stars. They were not looking to be spoon-fed. They just needed someone to point them in the right direction, and they walked the path